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Why Play Music?

Music is one of the greatest joys of life. It is present in cultures around the world, each with a unique sound and flavor that helps define the people and lands from which it originates. Music has a place so many aspects of life, from celebrations and festivities to entertainment and inspiration, and can be a powerful tool in the search for mind-body wellness. By merely listening to music, people and communities can benefit, picking up an instrument, however, can have an even better effect on the lives of those dreaming of rock stardom, or simply playing a lullaby.

Music and rhythm are brainy. From assisting with neurological disorders to helping understand concepts in math and communication, music can reach into the brain and help with processing and boost academic performance. Children and adults both benefit from music, increasing memory and concentration, as well as cognitive understanding.

Music calms and soothes. From helping to unwind after a hectic day, to integrating music within a plan to manage stress, anxiety or depression, the calm felt after listening to music can be the highlight of the day. Playing along to this music can only increase the effect, plus allows a physical outlet for the thoughts plaguing the mind.

Patience and discipline are musical. From playing the first note of a scale, to completing the final phrase of a song, music is a combination of creativity, patience and the dedication to learn a craft. Rarely can a person pick up a saxophone or Djembe drum and play like a seasoned professional, and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of song well played is unsurpassed.

Music is art. Whether considering the instrument itself, and its construction and method of play, or the overwhelming emotional response created through an elementary school recorder concert or concerto, music is art. Music is creativity. Music gives a sense of wonder to the world that cannot be defined in mere human terms.

There’s no better fun than music. Even the worst commute or lackluster movie is improved by familiar tunes, quirky soundtracks, or even air drumming. Music is such an important part of the best times of our lives, if the itch to play an instrument pops up, there is no sense in denying it.

The ability to heal, entertain and encourage personal growth is alive and well in all forms of music. Whether listening to music while exercising, or busting out an improvisational drum circle, music and playing instruments are wholly beneficial ways to enhance life, bringing a wealth of benefits to musicians and audiences alike.

29th Oct 2014

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