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Why Participate in a Drum Circle

Maybe you’ve been minding your own business, taking a leisurely stroll through a local park, and have happened upon a group of drummers seemingly pounding away in their own world of rhythm. Perhaps, if you were really lucky, you even got a chance to watch a few inspirational dancers, or were invited to join the circle. It is these people sitting in a circle, beating their djembes and bongos and shaking their rattles, shekere or tambourines that can inspire, intimidate or otherwise beckon the curious into their musical lair of healing and togetherness. What is it about drum circles and drumming that is so mysterious to the bystander, and how could a drum circle possibly benefit you, personally or professionally?

Drumming itself has numerous health, wellness and healing benefits. It has proven benefits for those with emotional disorders, chronic pain, stress and anxiety, hypertension, illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. It also helps improve both fine and gross motor skills, helps both sides of the brain connect and enhance neurological and cognitive functions, improve IQ and test scores, and can even boost immunity. Drumming can also burn around 270 calories per hour, making it a fun and interesting way to incorporate light cardio exercise into your routine.

Beyond the individual health and wellness benefits of drumming, a group of drummers provides its own benefits that enhance the healing properties of the drums and rhythms. Drumming with others can help establish community bonds and allow people to connect together on a level that does not require awkward small talk or allow other insecurities to surface that can inhibit interaction with new people.

Teamwork and cooperative skills that are needed in businesses and corporations, schools or other group organizations, are established naturally through drum circles. By participating in a drum circle, the community rhythms that are produced do not rely on only one other member, and each contributor has their own sound to add, creating a musical picture of the power of collaboration that can translate well into business environments.

With the known benefits of drumming and drum circles for people facing illness or physical limitations, and its benefits for teamwork, stress and anxiety reduction, picking up a drum could be the answer to what ails you. Even beyond the mental and physical help that drumming provides, it is also a great way to express yourself creatively. Drumming is fun, it provides fantastic health and wellness benefits and its physical, mental and emotional benefits in a group setting are even more remarkable. Grab a drum, a friend and start drumming to your own rhythms in the new year!

29th Oct 2014

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