Why You Should Join a Drum Circle

Loving hand drums and those who love hand drums is perhaps one of the best parts of being a part of the X8 community of drummers. While we all may have our own reasons to encourage drumming, drum circles and the awesomeness of beating a djembe or conga drum, sometimes, the voice of the masses must be heard. In the spirit of drumming and to honor those within the X8 drum community on Facebook, we wanted to get some insight into why our fans and customers are out there, drumming away. The answers we received on Facebook pretty much summed it up – drumming is awesome. Read why:

If someone wanted to know some reasons to join a drum circle, what would you tell them?

In an esoteric vein, Mike P. said, “think of it as kind of like bending air,” (great visual!) while Geoffrey U. points out, “Because it allows you to be spiritually intimate with other people without the mess!” (so true!) Jennifer W. digs the spirituality of drumming, as well. She said, “One should join a drum circle to be one with Mother Earth. To feel the heart beat of Mother Earth. Raise your vibration, be as one with everything. Another form of meditation that will help to center your being! BALANCE!”

The health, wellness and community benefits of drumming have influenced Toby S., who says, “Because rhythm can encourage healthy lifestyle and attract people from all cultures to you. Percussion speaks ALL languages.” (we love that!) Mark P. echoes the positive effects drumming can have on a community, “It’s a way to communicate in a language that we all can understand. There are no barriers for entry - it’s a way to learn and teach all at the same time.” August P. adds, “Drum circles can help you learn more things about drumming by talking to other drummers and can also increase your drumming experience…” Lesley G. gets the vibe of drumming, too. She said, “Its energizing and relaxing at the same time, and you'll be amazed and delighted at discovering your rhythmic ability to make music.” And Daniel S. said, “For your health, your heart and your soul...Drum.”

Beach Drum Circle

But, what about the sheer pleasure of drumming? Robin K. said, “I'll be real basic... because it's one heck of a lot of FUN!” Dan G. advises that people join a drum circle “To experience spontaneous laughter!” and D B reminds us all to “Throw that ego away and put yourself into the loving hands of the rhythm pulsing within the circle.”

No matter the motivation, level of skill, type of drum or choice of music, venue or drum circle, drums make people happy, which is why we love the X8 community and the love they give back to us. The people have spoken, and we’d love to hear more reasons why you are part of a drum circle, or why others should join the drumming experience.

29th Oct 2014

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