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Why Do You Need a Drum Circle?

Drum circles are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and there are very good reasons for it. Once viewed by some as the domain of hippies, more and more people from different walks of life have been finding reasons to join a drum circle and different professions are beginning to see how group drumming can benefit us all.

Perhaps the first of many reasons to join a drum circle is that it’s fun! These days, people are working longer hours for the same or less pay and it is important to balance all that time working with some play time. Whether a person has been drumming for years or is going to beat a drum for the first time ever, drum circles offer a space to enjoy one’s self and just let loose. We all deserve opportunities to tap into our inner child.

Speaking of balance, health is definitely one of the reasons more people are joining drum circles. Research shows that drumming reduces stress and anxiety, providing therapeutic release without all the talking. And, drumming’s healing effects go beyond the emotional. It also boosts the immune system and aids in focus and concentration. When drumming, a person is rooted in the present moment and that is a huge benefit in a culture that values multi-tasking.

Another reason to join a drum circle is the sense of community it fosters. The more people drum together, the more easily they are able to pick up on vibrations in the circle. The result is beautiful music created naturally and holistically. In a drum circle, an intimacy is formed and people can become more sensitive to the energies around them. This intimacy is the type that results when people are truly present with one another and the experience can lead to healthier relationships outside the circle.

Besides bringing awareness to the connections we all share with one another, drum circles also remind us of our connection with something greater than ourselves. Many people cite an experience of spirituality as one of the reasons to join a drum circle. The group drumming puts out a positive energy that can be infectious.

There are the drums, the drummers, and then the mysterious other that is created using the drums. Different people may refer to it by different names, but it is something that touches us at our core.

There are as many reasons to join a drum circle as there are drummers. Drumming benefits people on every level: spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological. Drum circles effectively combine the benefits of drumming with the benefits of community, and that might be the best reason of all.

28th Oct 2014

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