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Why Do You Drum?

If you are a member of a drum circle or other drumming community, eventually the time will come to divulge your deep, dark love of hand drumming to the world at large. Most drummers have little problem confessing the reasons behind 2AM practice sessions or the need for a roomy van with custom-fit shelves for Djembe bags and Conga stands, but not everyone is so easily open about their adoration of hand percussion instruments.

Drumming is as personal as to the drummer as the rhythms that are played. Conversely, drummers and drums are fascinating to those outside the circle. It is this fascination that will cause ordinary people to overstep personal boundaries and stop a drummer while lugging gear, drumming a solo on a desk or cubicle wall or shopping for the perfect Cajon bag and ask, “Why do you drum, anyway?” We care about drummers, and so, we have created a list of answers that are sure to stop any further questions and allow the drummer to drum away, in peace.

Why do you drum?

1. Drumming keeps the beat of the earth going, and vice-versa. I am helping to keep the planet spinning, the tides rolling and the birds flying.

2. A drum is not only an instrument, but a method of communication that allows people from all walks of life to feel and become part of the music. Plus, its pretty, and no, you can’t touch it.

3. Drumming has incredible physical, mental and emotional health benefits that are similar to those of famous superheroes, ninjas and mixed martial arts champions.

4. Drumming ties people to multiple cultures around the globe. As one of the oldest instruments known to man, the drum is history in its most decadent form. Also, drums make great hats.

5. Drumming is fun, plain and simple. From babies to seniors, the beating of a drum elicits joy and wonder. Have you ever seen a professional drummer? There is a reason they don’t stop vibrating. Drumming is better than… chocolate.

The overall feeling of wellness, community involvement, scientifically-based health benefits and the love of rhythm are all great reasons to drum, as well. No matter the skill level or venue, a drummer has a personal connection to music, rhythm and self-expression that is rarely understood outside of other drummers and musicians. Drumming is an exciting addiction, an artistic journey and a personal adventure that should be shared with the world.

29th Oct 2014

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