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Which Came First? Kids, Drums and the Connection to Rhythm

Playing a drum is one of those irresistible joys that everyone has tried at some point in life. There is a natural love for rhythm that we all share, whether it’s simply the act of tapping our feet to the beat, playing drum god on our desk, or rockin’ out with our crew, drumming and rhythm is as much a part of us as the air we breathe.

This love of rhythm begins early, as seen in the smiles of a baby clapping or banging on pots and pans. We all like to make noise; we like to connect to our heartbeats and the pulse of nature. For these reasons, and many more, it seems that kids and drums are partners-in-crime in bringing us the inspiration to beat out rhythms we adore today. Percussion instruments in general may be the “missing link” between childhood fun and purposeful rhythms within cultures around the world.

A drummer had to begin drumming somewhere, and many of us have shared that our love of rhythm began at an early age. Watching kids and drums together, especially for experienced drummers, illustrates that the innate connection to rhythm is one that begins to blossom long before the basic concepts are understood. Even drummers who began an adventure in music had to first embrace the rhythm within a song, keeping a steady beat while fine-tuning a performance, recital or practice session.

With this connection between kids and drums, it may even seem that kids are the original inventors of these instruments, or were at least the inspiration for drums around the world. Much like the modern parent who sets out the pots, pans, containers and lids for a kid’s entertainment, drums may have evolved much the same way: a Neolithic, parental tool for sanity, and a child’s treasure trove of exploration and expression. Where the connection of kids and drums began may remain a mystery, but, as soon as the drum is set before a child, the smile and joy is enough to just believe that connection will never end.

How do you encourage your child's natural love of rhythm? 

28th Oct 2014

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