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Which Bongos are the Best?

Whether as a gift or for you, the wide range of bongos available for sale today can make choosing the perfect set both overwhelming and confusing. The number of bongos on the market can delight an experienced drummer looking to enhance a current rhythmic sound, but for those just starting out, wading through the drums available and choosing affordable, durable and great-sounding bongos can be incentive enough to just hand out a gift card or take up a new instrument entirely.

Instead you pulling out your hair, X8 drums has pulled together some of our most frequently asked questions about how to choose the best bongo drums:

I want to start playing bongos, but don’t really know where to start. I’m looking for a normal sized set of bongos that are affordable (it’s my first set of bongos) and portable, so I can jam with my friends.

Starting off with a standard beginner set of bongos is a great way to test the waters, so to speak, and find out of the bongos are the right drums for you. We love the X8 Journey Series Bongos

I just came back from a festival and fell in love with the sound of the bongos being played. I want to learn how to play, and I know I like wood shells over fiberglass, but I bike or bus to work and I’m concerned with cost and need a set that is super durable.

For any drummer starting out on bongos, durability is a concern, as well as quality construction that can keep the beat going long into the night. Our absolute favorite beginner set of bongos for adults is the Tycoon Percussion Artist Series Bongos – they’re extremely affordable, made from tough, Siam Oak and a great beginner set of bongos overall.

My friend is in a band and wants a replacement set of bongos. He’s been playing for years and is very picky about his instruments, so I want these to be the best.

When it comes to top-notch sound quality, you cannot go wrong with the Tycoon Percussion Concerto Series Bongos. We love these for the sound, the quality of construction, and the unbeatable sound. They’re a must for any professional drummer or percussionist!

I have been playing bongos for years, and my 7-year old niece wants to learn how to play. I would prefer something low-cost, and very durable, but I’m not sure which bongos to start her playing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Kids love drums, and music and rhythm is so important for their development. Our top choice for a beginner bongo set for children is the Endeavor Series Bongos. These bongos are constructed with kids in mind, from the colorful wood shells to the durable hardware. They’re a great choice for any kid with an interest in drumming.

We know that no one set of bongos is perfect for every drummer. A “best set” of bongos has a lot to do with the tone that the bongos make when played, as well as considerations over durability, construction and overall appearance. If you are still confused about which bongos to buy, be sure to contact us and we will be glad to point you in the right direction!

28th Oct 2014

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