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What Makes Drumming Fun?

What makes drumming fun? There are so many different types of drums available in the world and a lot of the fun of drumming can be had just by learning about the varieties and choosing a drum to learn to play. Do you want to be a rocker or would you rather learn some international beats? Which of the many types of African drums would you like to play? There are so many possibilities for fun just in picking a drum that many percussionists end up with a large collection of drums, learning to play each one. But, that’s only part of what makes drumming fun.

There is also the challenge. For some people, learning to play an instrument as “primitive” as the drum is a more daunting task than expected. Yes, drums have been around for thousands of years, but they are an instrument that incorporates skill and practice, just like any other. Of course, there is no harm in simply sitting down to a drum and allowing whatever beat comes to mind to flow through you and into the drum; however, playing the drum well is not necessarily an innate gift. There are techniques to learn and skills to master and that challenge may be what makes drumming fun for many percussionists.

Another fun aspect of drumming is the community of drummers. When you take up drumming, you might find yourself meeting all sorts of cool people. Drummers come from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. Opportunities to meet other drummers and join drum circles and other community adventures abound in the world of drumming. Even if you find you live in an area where drumming enthusiasts are few and far between, there are virtual communities online.

In these drumming communities, you may find a mentor or two and that certainly adds to the fun of drumming. Part of the enthusiasm of drummers is helping other drummers. When someone is excited about something, that excitement is infectious and simply being around other drummers you admire can help give you a boost when you’re struggling to hone your craft.

Every drummer has an idea of what makes drumming fun for her or him. It may be simply the act of drumming itself, the sense of community that has been fostered, or the challenge that learning new drums and perfecting one’s skills provides. Drummers come from all over the world, playing varieties of drums you may have never heard of. One thing is for sure, though. The love for drumming means never having to be bored.

28th Oct 2014

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