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Video Lesson: How to Play Yankadi on Djembe

New to djembe playing or looking for a new rhythm to play? Allow us to introduce you to the Yankadi rhythm! Yankadi is one of the most popular djembe rhythms, and it’s pretty easy to pick up, making it perfect for beginner djembe drummers.

The Yankadi rhythm is said to originate from the Sosos in Lower Guinea. Traditionally a seduction dance for young women, the slow Yankadi rhythm was often played as young men and women demonstrated their dance moves for one another as a form of flirtation. Yankadi’s sultry rhythm inspired seductive dancing that was ideal for wooing potential spouses, as the way people moved their bodies said a lot about their worth and future potential. Others say the Yankadi rhythm originates from Burkina Faso, where it was played to let people know good places to settle, as “Yankadi” can be translated to “it is good here.”

Today, the Yankadi rhythm is played for a variety of social occasions, but it still tends to inspire seductive dancing in listeners.With its melodic cadence and seductive groove, the Yankadi is a favorite rhythm among both drummers and dancers, and we think it will be a favorite rhythm of yours, too. Find a sneak peek of our Yankadi lesson video below. If you like what you here and want to check out the full lesson, head over to

28th Oct 2014

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