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Versatile Drum Fill Lesson for Beginners

If you’re a seasoned drummer, you’re probably familiar with drum fills, and maybe you’ve even created a few fills of your own. If you’re a new drummer, you might be interested in learning how to play or create a drum fill, or you might not be sure what a drum fill is (and that’s ok!). A drum fill is basically a short rhythmic sound that fills the breaks between phrases of a melody to keep the listener’s attention. Drum fills are also great for getting in a mini-solo.

Whether you’re a seasoned or novice drummer, it’s important to learn and practice drum fills, as you’ll probably use them quite a bit. Self-taught drummer KJ Rias is known for his killer drum fills. They can be a bit advanced, but KJ Rias recently posted a drum fill lesson for beginners on Youtube that we couldn’t help but share. In the video, KJ Rias teaches the “6 Stroke Roll Kick-Pause Fill,” a drum fill he improvised in a previous video.

While the pattern is simple, it’s great for beginners (both to drumming and fills) and as a go-to fill. In the video description, KJ Rias says that it’ll work in almost any song or solo. It’s also easy to play around with and expand on, as KJ Rias demonstrates in the video.

Check out the lesson in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

28th Oct 2014

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