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Vera Figueiredo: Brazil’s Queen of Drumming

The thought of Brazilian drumming may bring to mind fantastic Latin rhythms and the integration of world drums into edgy and driving beats that make even the shyest spectator want to dance. In the case of Vera Figueiredo, this stereotype is absolutely true, yet not the complete picture of sound. Vera Figueiredo is not only an accomplished Latin drummer, but  she also bridges the Latin and Rock genres together, beautifully, giving her the presence of an edgy, driven and overtly talented and entertaining drummer.

Figuiredo may have cornered the market on Latin drumming with her Afro-Cuban style, but as a self-proclaimed fan of bands like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, Figuiredo’s style is a culmination of Latin, fusion, jazz, rock and funk drumming. Known in Brazil as the “Queen of Drumming,” her unique style of drumming and astonishing personality are also known across the world. Not only an accomplished drummer and performer, Figuiredo also has her own drumming school:  The Vera Figueiredo Drum Institute (Instituto de Bateria Vera Figueiredo), located in Brazil.

As a Sabian artist, Vera Figueiredo’s drum rig consists of a multitude of different cymbals, including several HHX Evolution series cymbals and her favorite, the Vault V-FX Distortion Hi-hat. As an accomplished drummer, Figueiredo has taught and played around the world in various ensembles, orchestras and with her own band, and it is her unique style and rich sound that she has become one of the greatest Latin drummers today.

17th Jun 2015

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