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Using Your Boomwhackers

Childhood is a magical time when imagination drives each and every moment, helping to discover and understand how the world works. Children are naturally creative, taking delight in the mundane and making it into something so fantastic, only they can really enjoy its wonder. It is this imagination that can make a chair into a dragon, a couch into a castle or a wrapping paper tube into a sword… or a Boomwhacker.

Boomwhackers may technically be the invention of the masses, but, one man took the idea and ran with it to create these simple instruments that pack a powerful punch. Boomwhackers are tubes that can be struck by other object, can be used to strike objects or struck together to make a variety of different sounds. The simplicity of these tubes appeals to a wide variety of budding percussionists, and they are a favorite part of many music classrooms and music education programs. Boomwhackers are also valuable in music therapy settings, allowing many of the same benefits that can be seen with drumming.

Boomwhacker Play Ideas:

  • Make a play swordfight musical. Have various goals within the fight that are related to the sounds or rhythms possible with the instruments.
  • Search for treasure. Use the Boomwhacker as a telescope on a pirate adventure. Have a treasure map ready with instructions on how to reveal the treasure, like counting to four or playing a rhythm.
  • Sharing is caring. Taking turns in a rhythm, like a bell choir, is a skill that anyone can practice. Boomwhackers just make it more fun.
  • The sound is found. Have children “experiment” with imitating sounds by using different objects while playing the Boomwhackers. Even better, create a “zoo” of sounds based on the findings.

Whether as a gift for a child who loves music and drumming, or as a new aspect within a classroom, the impact these instruments can make is astounding. With the humble beginnings that any person can relate to, Boomwhackers access a child-like whimsy when it comes to music, rhythm and building skills inside and outside of the music room.

28th Oct 2014

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