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Unusual X8 Drums

Finding unique, individual sound when playing drums can be a challenging experience, even for the most talented or trained drummer. The wide range of drums available today can certainly express nuances of sound, style and creativity, but there are times when a drummer just needs to grab onto something new, something different… like these amazing, yet unusual drums.

Black Swan Percussion is a small drum manufacturer that hand crafts each drum produced. Born from the concept that traveling with a full drum set and other drums can be cumbersome, the brains behind Black Swan Percussion designed the Black Swan Drum: an all-in-one bass, cajon and frame drum that can be transformed into a tambourine, cowbell, claves and more.

A Ngoma drum is perhaps one of the oldest drums known today. Legend has it, the Ngoma was created from a broken mortar. The Queen took the mortar, stretched an animal skin over its top, and began hammering away on her new instrument. As an inspiration for drums throughout Africa and the world, the Ngoma sound is similar to a Conga drum, and can be played with the hands or with beaters.

The sound of the Udu drum has been described as, “watery,” or “poppy,” and the Tambuta Udu is not exception. Originally created from pottery, the Udu drum brings a distinctive tone to any rhythm, and the Tambuta Udu takes this sound even further, with tabla- to bass-like tones that differ even from the typical Udu drum. Additionally, the Tambuta Udu features microphone ports in each chamber, allowing the incredible internal sounds a voice in the world.

When a standard claves sound is not enough, Gon Bops saves the day with the innovative Double Ak Block. This double sided clave is fitted with two pieces of rawhide that produce high and low tones when struck. The Gon Bops Double Ak Block has a patented design that can be played while seated or mounted with other drums.

Native to Bali, the Kulkul bell is a significant instrument in many ceremonies and tribal traditions. Also known as a slit-log bell, this instrument was originally able to be heard over long distances. The X8 Kulkul Wooden bell is a smaller, hand-held version of these instruments, bringing a unique sound and tone into the hands of percussionists everywhere.

If “enough” bass still is not enough, the Kopf Percussion Cuban Tumba Cajon brings an even deeper tone to the typical Cajon sound. Constructed completely from Baltic birch wood, the Kopf Percussion Cuban Tumba Cajon increases the resonance of the lowest bass tones while remaining sturdy and visually appealing in all performance venues.

The sound of chimes can enhance a song, no matter its genre. Chimes come in all shapes, styles and sizes, but the TreeWorks V Bi-Angle Tree chime> has several unique features designed for optimum sound and playability. Each bi-angle chime is tested by ear for superior tone, while each piece of the instrument, from the chimes to the mantle and cord, has been researched and selected to enhance the overall sound.

Tabor drums are known in various cultures across the world, each with a similar two-headed design and sound similar to a snare drum. Tabor drums are played while standing, attached to the forearm with a strap, and constructed with lightweight frames to help reduce fatigue while playing.

Whether in the market for a new drum sound, or to increase an arsenal of drum skills, the addition of more unusual drums can not only enhance sound, but be a challenging and fun learning experience.

28th Oct 2014

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