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Unique Djembe Drums

Picking a favorite Djembe is like choosing a favorite star in the sky; each has its own unique beauty and soul. There is a lot to consider while selecting a Djembe, including the size of the drum, whether it is key-tuned or rope-tuned, the materials used in its construction, its overall style, tone and so much more. For those considering a new Djembe or as a gift for someone special this holiday season, some of our more unique Djembes may be just what you are looking for.

Deep Carve African Djembe: Available in three sizes, this Djembe is handcrafted from legally harvested Mahogany and affixed with a goatskin head. Rope-tuned and intricately designed, this drum is perfect for the beginner or intermediate drummer.

Urban Beat Djembe: When durability and style are important, this Djembe rises to the occasion. Its unique, fiberglass shell is the foundation for the range of sound that can only be provided by its goatskin head. Rope-tuned and available in three sizes, the Urban Beat Djembe has a style all its own.

Rama Sita Master Djembe: As far as Djembes go, the Rama Sita Master Djembe puts the rest to shame. Carved with regard to the story of Rama and Sita, this drum is the epitome of good prevailing over evil. Mahogany shell, goat head skin and rope-tuned, the Rama Sita Master Djembe is a true piece of art even before the first beat is played.

X8 Drums Hand Painted Mini Djembe: Four whole inches of raw Djembe power make this mini Djembe one of the more unusual drums at a drum circle. Hand painted mahogany, goat skin head and rope-tuned, this drum can fit in a backpack, purse or anywhere a tiny drum is needed.

Whether a beginning drummer or professional with decades of rhythmic experience, a new Djembe drum is always a welcome addition. Sometimes, the hardest part about hand percussion is choosing the best Djembe for the job. On the other hand, it can be a lot of fun shopping around for that perfect drum.

29th Oct 2014

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