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Tired of your Drum Circle?

No matter how much you drum, where you drum and what style of drumming you prefer, there may come a time when you want something new, inspirational and creative to enhance your drumming repertoire. Drum circles are constantly evolving through the addition of new people, instruments, focus or intention, so when it's time to bring something new to the rhythm, where do you find your own inspiration?

One "man" bands are a whimsical and awe-inspiring tradition of sorts that are regularly seen performed in public venues or as stage acts. With the technological advances of computers and the ability to layer sound electronically, these amazing acts are generating a buzz among all circles of musicians and audiences, and have even become a fun way to showcase drumming and didgeridoo techniques and skills.

Using instruments made of ordinary materials is also a great way to introduce new sounds and tones to a drum circle. While many circles are rooted in traditional percussion instruments, the tones of a bucket drum can easily be integrated into the steady beats of djembes, congas or bongo drums. With the integration of repurposed instruments, not only does the musical tone of the drum circle change, but also the fun and availability of participation among those not lucky enough to own their own instruments. Also, historically, drums were made from everyday materials in tribal areas, such as hollowed-out trees, animal hides and sinew, so repurposing modern items into instruments is not only fun, but traditional.

If modern invention or integration is not your inspirational style, it can help to go back to the cultural roots of your drum or percussion instrument. Playing traditional rhythms or inviting folk dancers into the drum circle can help spice up the event. By getting back to the basics of drumming and rhythm, it is possible to create an entirely new feel for drumming on your djembe and motivation for your entire circle of drummers and percussionists.

Drumming and drum circles are artistic and unique ways to spend time with others, express your own exceptional style and are a healthy and beneficial part of life. When a drum circle needs a little zest and life added, there are countless ways to inspire yourself and the other members. By keeping your drum circle motivated through new and exciting ideas and concepts, or by initiating a history lesson or two, the drum circle will continue to be an stimulating and memorable part of the lives of its participants.

29th Oct 2014

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