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Thrones: The Drummer’s Seat of Power

The throne is an important part of any drummer’s performance. Many beginner drummers don’t understand the importance of a good drum throne. Regular chairs can limit the range of motion and control over a drum while rocking out. Thrones can be the key to maintaining a good level of comfort while performing or practicing. Since there are many different options when choosing a throne, and as with most things when it comes to drumming, there is no right or wrong choice. What you find to be comfortable will depend on your personal preferences. Finding the best throne fit as a drummer is a personal journey.

When picking a throne, drummers and experts alike agree that the most important factor is comfort. When you are comfortable, you can play longer drum sessions and have a more quality experience with your instruments. A quality throne will also help with existing back problems and prevent new ones from developing.The next most important thing is buying a throne with quality hardware. Taking time to learn about the different throne available and spending a little extra money will ensure that you have a comfortable throne that will last a long time.

There are many different styles of thrones, but the two basic drum throne styles are bicycle style and round. If leg comfort is the most important thing you then a bicycle seat is the way to go. Many people find that the bicycle seat drum throne is the perfect fit for them. However, there are also advantages to the round drum throne. One advantage of a round drum throne is that it is usable from almost any position. It allows you to play your drum from 360 degrees. A drum throne should support good balance and should be stable. For very young drummers or drummers with back issues there are drum thrones available with small backs for added support. These backs help to support good posture, which is key while drumming.

The ability to adjust the height of your drum throne is important because sometimes different heights will be better for different situations. Sometimes a height that is comfortable while you are practicing is not comfortable when you are performing. This can be because you are generally more relaxed when you practice than when you perform.

Many companies are constantly looking for new ways to improve their thrones. Many drum thrones are made with a gas filled cylinder that helps to absorb the impact that occurs naturally while drumming. This can help to relieve excess stress on the back. Some drum thrones come with the ability to add attachments such as a holder for drumsticks or even a cup holder.

Playing the drums can be a very physical form of musical expression. Good drum thrones can make the difference in a performance environment. They can help to maintain good health and posture while drumming and can help foster a long and beneficial relationship between a drummer and a drum set.

28th Oct 2014

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