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There’s an App... for Drumming

While it is impossible to virtually recreate the experience of drumming, sometimes it is necessary to drum on what is available. Tapping on a desk, steering wheel or one’s own thighs can help with rhythm and technique. Old school pots and pans can give a certain tone to a beat, and now, even the magic of the smartphone or mobile device can help release some pent up drumming energy.

From iPhone to Android, and far-reaching places in-between, mobile drumming applications are popping up to educate, engage and entertain those already enamored with these ubiquitous devices. Contest apps, like the Hit Hard app for iPhones and iPads, enables rock drummers to compete against other drummers using tracks by Aerosmith drummer, Joey Kramer. The Drums! app, also for iPhone or iPad gives drummers the ability to tap away on a basic drum kit for fun. For Bongo players, the Dynamic Bongo Drums app (also available for Android) promises quality sound that can even be played while listening to a favorite song. Tabla players even have an app, Tabla HD Free, that promises pitch blending and “Dueling Tablas” functionality.

Android users can choose from several drumming apps, as well. For Djembe lovers, the Advanced Djembe Drum can fill the need to tap out a beat, or the Djembe Rope Calculator that helps assure the right measurements of rope when tuning a Djembe. For smartphones and tablets, the Drums HD app lets drummers practice on a simulated drum kit and tap out new rhythms with ease.

While no app can truly replace the touch, sound or vibe of drumming on a drum kit, Djembe or Bongos, these apps can easily compensate for awkward moments while in line at the grocery store, during long meetings or while in-flight to a favorite vacation destination. Embracing technology while staying true to the artistic and tactile act of drumming can bring new life into a musician’s way of approaching the world. From smartphones to mobile applications, a favorite drum is just a touch away.

29th Oct 2014

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