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Therapeutic Hand Percussion Instruments

We all have favorite songs that put us in a better mood when we hear them. Research shows that this positive effect of music on mood can have healing results. It has even been suggested that music can have positive neurological effects on people who suffer from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, and Autism. As music therapy is studied further it seems that different instruments may have different benefits associated with them. This allows people to hone in on instruments that may be the most beneficial to them.

The Djembe is one of the most popular drums worldwide, and for good reason. Playing a Djembe can help to reduce stress, work through traumatic events, and develop both gross and fine motor skills. Djembes can also be used as a form of nonverbal communication which can help people who have a hard time expressing themselves verbally. This can be helpful for anyone with a disability that impairs their verbal language skills. The Djembe can also be helpful to children who are still developing their motor skills and who may still be developing verbal communication skills. Playing the Djembe in groups can help to foster a sense of unity and equality.

The Kalimba can be a very soothing instrument. As it is an instrument that evolved from gourds that produced soft, lighthearted sounds, it is great for helping people relax. The Kalimba has been used in work with pregnant mothers as well as those with hearing impairments. Playing the Kalimba can also be helpful to people who suffer from arthritis or hand injuries as it can strengthen the muscles in the hands and fingers. This can promote healing and aid in long-term pain relief.

Didgeridoos produce low tones and vibrations that are thought to help with stress relief and relaxation. Listening to a Didgeridoo can leave a listener with an overall feeling of wellness. Learning to play the Didgeridoo means learning the technique of circular breathing. Circular breathing helps get more oxygen into the body which helps speed along the healing process as a whole.

Music has been used by countless cultures over countless generations to help reduce levels of stress and provide physical and mental health benefits. Music is truly something powerful that interacts with humans on a basic level. Percussion instruments can be some of the most expressive, and most beneficial instruments to play.

28th Oct 2014

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