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The Whole Family can enjoy the Beat of the Djembe

An excellent way to keep a teenager occupied is to get them a djembe. Drumming has a number of tremendous benefits that are perfect for a restless teen. Additionally, this instrument makes a very decorative piece in one’s home and once an individual gets skilled at playing it the whole family can enjoy the beat of this magnificent drum. It can provide lively entertainment at family gatherings. It helps relax the mind, soothe the muscles of your hand and bring emotional calm and relaxation to all who play. Special djembes for kids are also sold. A local trainer can give you one-to-one training and in no time at all (especially if you have an ear for music) you will get the swing of things. With practice you can quickly perfect the art of playing the Djembe.

There are a variety of djembes that come in various sizes, and quite naturally the pitch and sound depends upon the size of the instrument. The Djembe dates back a couple of thousand years and is usually played in a standing position. However, a beginner can also play it in a sitting position. These drums are usually made in Indonesia, Africa or Thailand where the materials and labor required are readily available. As they are typically hand carved out of solid wood, one should not look for perfection, as the wonderful sound they emit more than makes up for the slight imperfections and flaws.

Rhythm sets one’s feet a-tapping, and the sound of the Djembe will soon have individuals shedding their inhibitions and moving to the beat. This can lead to a lively dance which is indeed entertaining, and frequently moving to the rhythm keeps you fit as a fiddle.

As with all things, it does take some time and experience to learn to play a djembe, and also to tune one. It is interesting to watch the djembe being tuned in the typical traditional manner with a rope which actually tightens the drum head. However the modern method is to use the ‘key-tune-system’; wherein the metal and metal hooks that go around the head of the drum are tightened with the help of a wrench.

Although you do not necessarily need to buy the best djembe for a beginner, you should go for one that is moderately priced. Keep in mind that what you spend is what you get. Good musical instruments do cost a bit, so do not go for anything too cheap. A good instrument will naturally sound better than a cheap one, and a beginner will learn faster on an instrument well made. In no time at all your family get-togethers could be riotous.

28th Oct 2014

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