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The Jazz of Drumming

The road to drumming is full of different styles and genres that can, and always should be explored. Whether you have just picked up your first djembe, or have been rocking out behind a drum set for years, rhythm and drums are the vehicles to a world full of fun, mastery and the ability to truly express your own inner vibe.

Jazz drummers have a unique style all their own, and so many varied choices that contribute to their musical title. A jazz drummer gets to be the backbeat of a smooth set of songs that embrace soul, funk, R&B, swing, rock and even Latin music. While keeping a steady rhythm alive, the jazz drummer may focus on the tingly sound of the hi-hat or ride cymbal over a tom, adding life to a drum set that may seem small in comparison to some, but packs a big punch, none the less. Jazz drummers can do more with a bass, ride and hi-hat than many other drummers can do with a full circle of drums surrounding the throne. This is the magic of jazz drumming… creating rhythmic magic out of simplicity, and jazz drummers do it effortlessly.

These drummers are also masters of improv drumming. While perhaps best known as the men and women at the back of the band, when it comes to jazz music, there simply aren’t a lot of rules to follow. A jazz drummer inherently understands the nature of the music being played and can easily adapt a solo or fill to increase the overall emotion and mood of the music. These drummers feel the rhythm in a place that not all other drummers can understand, much like the vibe of a drum circle that has taken on a life of its own.

When a drummer discovers her or his favorite style, that rhythm can be unstoppable. This phenomenon is no more evident than in the hands of the jazz drummer, creating eclectic grooves that only serve to enhance and encourage the other jazz musicians in the group. It is jazz drumming that is not only the culmination of rhythm from all over the world, but, it is the beat that continues to drive the evolution of music today.

28th Oct 2014

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