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The Holiday Viral Drumming Connection

It is that special time when we allow ourselves to reconnect with extended family and friends, bringing the end of another year to a close while planning for exceptional adventures in the New Year. Perhaps it is the level of rivalry that social media has bustled into our lives, but, it seems that more and more, there is a new competitive factor in holiday celebrations. No longer are family gatherings and holiday parties solely a source of holiday cooking and presents, more families and friends are taking the opportunity to create new and unique memories that are specifically theirs. And, these special moments are made even more special with a large amount of Facebook “likes” and YouTube comments. While going viral this season with your best holiday efforts, we think it’s about time you and your family and friends gave drumming a chance.

Tips for Making the 2013 Holiday Season Viral… with Drums

  • You and your crew of ninja pirates could grab a few hand drums and belt out, “What does the Djembe say?”
  • Put your favorite cat or hedgehog next to your bongos and start a meme contest.
  • Dress up like the Beibs, sit with your Djembe and see if you are the next big thing.
  • Got a ton of ugly sweaters for the holidays? They make fantastic decorations for your conga drums, giving you free reign to “Awkward Family Photo” the heck out of your favorite song.
  • Video you, friends and family, drumming your way into a new “I quit” sensation. Remember to find new jobs after the New Year.
  • Prank your sleepy “forever young” relatives by waking them with your hand drum rendition of, well, anything.
  • Stage several Elves and drums in a drum circle and add “Wrecking Ball” performance just for fun.

Drums are well known to be a uniting force. They are the pulse of music, the heartbeat of the Earth and the single best gift a person can get for the holidays. Whether you are a master Djembe player, love to roll your snare, or just want to sit on a box and learn how to rock the Cajon, drumming (and the Internet) is essential for happy gatherings with family and friends. Happy Holidays!

28th Oct 2014

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