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The Drummer's Journal Explores the Artistry of Drumming

Looking for a new source for insightful commentary on the artistry of drumming? Allow us to introduce you to The Drummer’s Journal, a free, independent drum magazine that focuses less on product reviews and bland interviews and more on the role that rhythm and the art of drumming plays in people’s lives through the opinions, experiences, and perspectives of professional drummers, drum enthusiasts, and talented writesr

The small yet vibrant journal focuses on illuminating interviews with professional drummers and drumming enthusiasts but also features personal experiences that focus on one’s interaction with a drum set (whether behind the kit or part of the audience) and thought-provoking opinions and well-formed arguments that provide insight into how percussion instruments affect the contributors’ or other people’s lives.

We love The Drummer’s Journal’s soulful and artistic approach to drumming and think you will to. To check out past issues (all issues are available for free online!) and even contribute to The Drummer’s Journal, head over to

28th Oct 2014

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