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The Drum Beat and Meditation

Drumming has been used to help people meditate for many centuries. Because it mimics the rhythms we all become accustomed to while developing in our mothers’ wombs, it is thought that the drum can help people reach a meditative state more easily and sometimes more quickly than other meditation methods. Drumming and meditation make perfect partners as drumming helps clear the mind. The beat acts as a sort of mantra that is repeated over and over, again, until all that remains is silence.

When using a hand drum to aid with meditation, the rhythm will begin slowly. The drummer will play softly, as well, allowing the mind time to shift into a calmer state. It is a good idea to give the initial drumming four minutes or so, allowing both listeners and drummers time to downshift and flow easily with the beat. Studies have shown that after four minutes, the body will express signs of being more relaxed, and this demonstrates the significance of slowly allowing the rhythm to build.

After a while, the drummer will begin to drum faster. When it comes to the drum beat and meditation, it is important for the rhythm to be played at 180 beats per minute. This speed reflects the Earth’s own rhythms and helps everyone reach a deeper meditative state. Some say that a rhythm played at this speed enhances the therapeutic effects and benefits of drumming. As the body and mind are slowly introduced to the rhythm, a space is opened for the drum beat to do the work it has come to do. Once open, the faster rhythm penetrates aspects of the mind that were closed to it beforehand.

Because the drum rhythm mimics natural energies all of us need and get used to during our development, the drum beat is a good way to allow the power of nature to help us heal. The drum beat and meditation have a natural association, as often people are pulled into a meditative state by listening to drums, even casually. Active people who find it difficult to meditate using other practices may find that drumming is a perfect meditative tool for them. Drumming can help us move beyond our thoughts and into a clear mental space.

Drumming has been used to induce meditation and trance in cultures around the world and throughout time. Rhythm is a powerful force, one that can help us move beyond our attachment to thought and shift into a deeper state of awareness. As part of a meditation practice, drumming is often more accessible than other methods, making relaxation and stress-free living only a hand drum away.

28th Oct 2014

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