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The Courage to Start Drumming

The many benefits of drumming are rarely lost on anyone looking for a fun and expressive hobby. A drummer, whether on a drum set, a djembe drum or cajon drum has the opportunity to cultivate talent in music and rhythm and expand the mind through a simple (or complex) beat. With all of these perks, it’s no wonder that people are looking to start drumming. Still, there is a distinct hesitation in the face of family, friends or other drummers. So, how does a novice drummer take the leap and find the courage to start drumming?

Starting a drumming journey is much easier than people think. Drums are not intimidating and drums do not judge. Drums simply like to be played. The courage to start drumming has, in a sense, already begun to grow when a person starts looking at the instruments, searches for a drum circle or taps out a rhythm with a favorite song. We are all built on our own rhythms, from our minds and bodies to the rhythm of the days, months, seasons and years. This natural rhythm encourages further exploration of rhythms that enhance life, whether through the community of a drum circle or the creativity within a drum solo.

One of the most compelling aspects of drumming and rhythm is how it naturally creates a feeling of relaxation. More people may find that once they take that leap and start drumming, the fear and intimidation of drumming takes a backseat to the euphoria of rhythm. While some drummers may feel their own path to rhythmic bliss was created at birth (or even before then) others may take a longer time to pick up a djembe or twirl a pair of sticks. The courage to start drumming is within everyone, no matter the level of experience or motivation.

How did you get up the courage to start drumming?

29th Oct 2014

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