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Feelin’ Sporty? How about Some Drumming?

Exercise can be fun, or tedious, depending on who you ask, when you ask, or even why you’re asking. Some people exercise because they are inherently physical people with abundant energy, a love of sports or because they like how it feels mid-sprint. Other people exercise because it reduces stress, helps keep weight gain at bay, or because they bought a gym membership on a whim. These same reasons (except the gym membership, of course) are also why people pick up a drum or start hammerin …
4th Feb 2015 Kristin Stancato

A New Study on African Drumming Proves Hand Drummers are Always Right (and Healthy)

We have seen tons of studies on the fitness aspect of drumming, most of which are focused on drum set drummers. More than likely, the obvious exertion seen in the faces of any hardcore drummer on a stage (determined, focused eyes, sweaty and breathing like they’ve been running a marathon) is the major reason for the focus on drumming as fitness and exercise. Plus, those drummers get the added benefit of music and rhythm without plugging into an iPod and wearing ear buds on a treadmill. The …
20th Sep 2014 Kristin Stancato