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Djembe Rhythm Library and Lessons

Djembe Rhythm Library and Lessons

We're here to support players of all experience levels with the resources needed to advance their skills and keep up with the maintenance of their drums! We offer a plethora of Djembe Lessons, Re-heading/Tuning how-tos, Rhythm Libraries, and Play-Along tracks to guide you through practices and gain new techniques!Follow our links below and get started playing! Be sure to hit that 'Like and Subscribe'!Djembe Rhythm Library: Buying G …
20th Nov 2021 MollyRose

When Should You Start Teaching Drums?

Being a drummer, percussionist or rhythmic artist has a lot of perks. You get to have the entire spotlight on your talent, be seen as the center of the band or the raging force in the drumming community. You are the greatest thing since music was first heard and your skills on that djembe, the congas or behind the drum set are unparalleled. Then, someone comes along and asks you to teach them how to be just like you.What do you do?If your first answer was something like, “no way you’re goi …
18th Feb 2015 Kristin Stancato