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X8 Drums Staff Review of the Gretsch Marquee Drum Set

Matt from X8 Drums took some time to demo and talk about the Gretsch Marquee Drum Set, a brand new offering from Gretsch. After playing a couple of songs and getting a feel for the kit at Wunder Studios in Austin, TX, Matt is confident in saying that the Gretsch Marquee Drum set is currently the best value drum kit that Gretsch offers. It has a solid sound and a professional look that any drummer will appreciate. The Gretsch Marquee Drum Set features an 8-inch tom, a 10-inch tom, a 12 …
8th Sep 2019 Kaitlin Meilert

Cleaning Cymbals Is SO Mainstream... Or, Is It?

Drumming is a controversial profession, passion or hobby, with never-ending debates over the best kind of drums, drumming style and who should make the “ Top 10 Drummers of All Time” lists across the Internet. Because drummers are unique, polyrhythmic thinkers, there is no doubt that when a dozen drummers are asked a question, there will be a dozen different answers. The diversity that is innate to each drummer could be why there are so many different styles and types of cymbals out t …
8th Aug 2014