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Stuffing a Drummer’s Stocking

When it comes to the holiday season, there is always something special about what goes into those stockings that are hung around the house. For the drummer, percussionist or musician in your life, the chance to fill a stocking with more than candy canes or coal is an annual opportunity to give him or her a new kind of sound to spice up their beat. Plus, any instrument that is received while the members of family have gathered together is fair game for a fun drum circle. What are you waiting for?

For the drum set drummer, there are several options that will fit neatly into a stocking. Drumsticks, mallets and brushes are always welcome gifts, and can help a drummer experiment with different sounds, techniques and perfect his or her drum twirling skills. Moongel is another gift for a drummer, and those around the drummer, to help tweak the sound of a drum, or just to keep the noise down a bit.

Shakers, maracas, jingles, claves, blocks and cowbells make amazing gifts because of the many different styles of each instrument available. Since these instruments allow a drummer or hand percussion to add a new layer of sound, or sounds, to their own beat, the ability to try on the sounds possible is invaluable.

For bigger stockings, there are even better gift ideas for drummers and musicians. While a djembe may find a better home under a holiday tree, fun items like a thumb piano or ukulele could potentially take away from a lack of sugary sweets in a stocking. With these more unique items, you are not only expressing an appreciation for your family member’s musical abilities, but, encouraging that person to try a new tune, so to speak.

Finally, no matter the size of the stocking, if you have a drummer or percussionist in your life and are unable to find the perfect gift for him or her, remember that there are few people who will not appreciate a hand drum in their lives. Whether you pick out a cajon drum for the Flamenco lover in your life, a set of bongos for that hipster you love, or a cowbell for the person who just needs more… well, you are giving the gift of rhythm and music, and there is positively nothing better than that.

28th Oct 2014

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