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Stocking Stuffers for Musicians

The holiday season is the perfect time to surprise your favorite musician with a sock! A stocking stuffed with musical goodies, that is.

Your favorite percussionist will love our fruit shakers. The shakers come in apple, pineapple, orange, banana, mango, lemon, and various other fruit shapes that sound as good as they look. These fruits are sure to be a welcome addition to classrooms and jam sessions alike… plus, they will never go bad.

We also have a special Christmas edition Hohner Big River Harmonica that comes with a holder. It is German-made and sure to add flare to any musical interlude. As would our Three-tone Wood Block. This block features three mahogany cylinders affixed to a wooden bar and handle. Each cylinder is a different length and is sure to delight any percussionist or accompanist.

Still not sure what to stuff in that stocking? How about our Star Kalimba Thumb Piano? A kalimba can provide a new type of musical adventure that takes a percussionist to a whole, new world. Based on an ancient African instrument, the kalimba is sure to please.

A pair of Palm Wood Claves would also fit nicely into a stocking. Made from hand-selected palm hardwood, the claves have a great sound and are ideal for both live and studio performances. You could also surprise your musician with the gift of thunder. Our Thunder Drum is a special effects instrument that makes a thunderous tone when shaken or rolled.

If the idea of making thunder appeals to you, we also have a variety of Meinl Spark Shakers. Spark Shakers produce sparkling, chirping, splashing tones when played. Our spin version is mounted on an adjustable disc that amplifies the fundamental pitch, while our headed version is a drum head. The possibilities are sure to intrigue.

Boomwhackers are a fun alternative for anyone who already loves playing the Wood Claves. They are tuned percussion tubes that are extremely fun and easy to play. By striking the tubes against each other or another surface, the musician produces sounds that are pleasing to the ear. Boomwhackers come in various scales and we even carry Boomwhackers caps which drop the tone of the tube when placed on the ends.

If your percussionist is looking for something different, a cajon would probably be appreciated. Gaining in popularity, cajons are box-shaped percussion instruments that originated in Peru. We carry the Meinl Build Your Own Cajon Kit, which can satisfy both the carpenter and percussionist in your favorite musician. While the cajon can be played by hand, consider the Gibraltar Cajon Pedal to turn the cajon into an acoustic bass drum.

The possibilities are practically endless for making sure your percussion enthusiast’s stocking is stuffed with wonder. Naughty or nice, everyone deserves the gift of music.

28th Oct 2014

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