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Sound Dampening with Moongel

After tuning your drum set to produce the resonance and tone you’re looking for, you still may feel as if you want to deaden or dampen your sound a bit. Perhaps your snare is ringing too much. That is when Moongel comes in handy.

Moongel is a small, blue rectangle of sticky gel that you can place on your drum for a dampening effect. In the past, drummers have used various products to dampen their sound. Tape has been used for decades for this purpose, but one of the side effects of using tape is that it leaves a gooey mess when it’s removed. Moongel is easily removable and leaves no residue. It can be cleaned with a little soap and water whenever it gets grimy so that you can get many years of usage from one package.

Moongel is a very cheap option for the drummer who wants to create a greater variety of sound. It can be cut into the size required by the drummer and you can use as many or as few pieces as you need. Some drummers find that placing a small piece of Moongel on the left and right sides of their drum produces the sound they are looking for, while others place one piece between noon and 3 o’clock and are more than happy with the results. Generally, you would need to place the Moongel as close to the rim as is comfortable for you in order to keep it out of the way while you play, but placement is a personal decision based on the sound the drummer wants to produce. Since Moongel is reusable, you can experiment with placement more easily than with other products.

And, don’t be afraid to try Moongel on your cymbals! You will find that Moongel presents you with seemingly endless possibilities. If you want to record your drumming, Moongel is great for helping you control your sound more easily and keeping the ringing down for a higher quality recording. Remember that for greater dampening effect, you might want to use more than one piece. The closer to the center of the drum you place the Moongel, the more your sound will be dampened, but this also increases the likelihood that you will hit the Moongel during play. Don’t be afraid to play around with placement and number of Moongel pieces so that you can get the resonance you are looking for.

While tuning your drum set is always the first step in creating the sound you want, you may find that Moongels help, as well. If you are experiencing more ringing than you would like, experiment with Moongels. They are a popular product with great customer satisfaction. And, they could help you produce a more professional drumming sound. Whether you’re a novice working with a beginner drum set or a seasoned drummer perfecting your sound, Moongels may prove to be an indispensable tool.

28th Oct 2014

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