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So, You Got Your First Djembe!

A Djembe makes a great gift for people with musical talent, a willingness to try new things, or that person who seems to have everything. They can bring out a sense of wonder within each of us. Their tonal sound is beautiful and lively. These traditional African drums can become creative outlets for people of all ages. Both children and adults will find the Djembe’s unique fun and ease of play enjoyable. The Djembe is a great instrument for beginners and masters alike where both groups appreciate the instrument as a work of art. It is masterfully crafted for your enjoyment.

Beginner Drummers

Djembes can inspire a sense of unity and a feeling of belonging to a community. Historically Djembes were used by African tribes for communication over distances. Their emotive rhythms and tones also made them the perfect instrument for celebrations and religious ceremonies. This innate communicative ability of drums persists into the modern culture. Taking part in a drum circle is a great way to express yourself and feel as if you belong to something that is larger than yourself. Even if you are playing by yourself, it is a great means of self-expression.

Modern Djembes can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. They range from very small instruments that can fit in your lap to very large instruments that take up quite a bit of space. The materials they are made with also vary. Many modern drums are made from fiberglass and have synthetic drumheads. Others are made from wood with animal skin drumheads. They can be tuned by either rope or key. Every different type of Djembe has its own unique style and sound.

These drums are played by hand, there is no accessory required. Different sounds may be produced by striking different places on the drum. Striking the center will make a different sound than striking the edge will. The center of the drum is typically played with an open hand, while the edges are played with the fingertips.

When properly cared for, your djembe will be a beautiful work of musical art that will bring you years of enjoyment. It will bring stress relieving qualities into your life and give you a creative outlet. In order to care for your instrument it is best to detune the drum head when the instrument will not be played for a period of time. This will help preserve the animal skin or the synthetic materials used in your drumhead. Applying small amounts of shea butter to the drumhead will also keep the skin soft and ready to play. Wooden drums with skin heads should be kept out of extreme environments such as extreme hot, cold, or humidity.

28th Oct 2014

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