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Shaking it Up with Shakers

We love the variety of sounds that can be heard from shakers. Truly, shakers add a bit of flavor to music and life, in general. There is a lot to be said for how happy a shaker can make anyone from toddler to senior citizen. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, shakers are an instrument that few of us can get enough of.

The Toca Bamboo Shakers come in three sizes and are constructed of bamboo shells with rawhide heads. They look like little drums and you can even press down on the heads to alter the pitch while shaking. Lightweight and compact, they can be taken anywhere and brought out any time someone needs to add a bit of music to the moment.

Most people are probably familiar with the little egg-shaped shakers. X8 carries a variety of egg shakers, ranging in color and design. For folks looking for something like an egg shaker, the Toca Graphix Globe Shakers might offer a fun change of pace. They are spheres with flat tops and bottoms, making them less likely to roll away when you put them down. Sold individually and standing at 2 ¼” tall, their designs are fun and appealing.

The One Shot Shakers by Latin Percussion are sold in sets of two and available in sizes small and large. These shakers are shaped like rectangular boxes and constructed of anodized metal. What makes the One Shot Shakers intriguing is that they only have one “live” striking area, so there are no shadow or ghost strikes when playing them. For this reason, studios and recording artists use these shakers.

Latin Percussion also produces the Hi-Hat Chick-ita, which is a shaker system designed specifically for the hi-hat. The Hi-Hat Chick-ita is four shakers in one and attaches without screws and clamps. Adding the distinctive sound of a shaker to a drum kit has never been easier. And, for drummers who are more inclined to play the djembe or congas, there are the Pearl Percussion Shaklets. These shakers are attached to a wristband and come in sets of two.

These days, shakers come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes. From finger shakers, like Latin Percussion’s Finger Shot Shaker, to what we might consider more traditional shakers, like Meinl’s Caxixi, the selection is large enough to suit the various styles of musicians today. Shakers and drums seem like the most natural pairing in the world, behind hands and drums. Never before has it been so easy to shake things up a bit.

28th Oct 2014

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