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SF Bay Area Girl's Summer Rock Camp

Living in the Bay Area and looking for a truly remarkable summer experience for your daughter? Then consider the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, a summer camp geared for girls who want to get more involved with music. At the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, your daughter will get more than experience with music: she'll get the empowerment she needs as a girl and the practice she needs to be a better team player.

The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, founded three years ago in Oakland, is an organization created to help young women between 8 and 18 years old learn to play musical instruments, create bands, and defy gender norms. Furthermore, this nonprofit organization prides itself on helping its attendees improve their self-confidence, increase their ability to collaborate and find a whole new creative outlet.

The summer camp daily creates opportunities for young women to try their hands with different instruments, take music lessons, practice with their band, workshop their music and play performances. Is your child interested in becoming a drummer? There are volunteers in place to help train, in groups as small as three. Nervous about her peers having more skill? Students are grouped by experience, so she's sure to be with people in her skill group. One of the most intriguing aspects of this camp is the opportunity for band and female enrichment - on the first day of the camp, girls join together to make a band, play together and write a song all the while undergoing workshops on self-defense, songwriting, self-image, screenprinting and more! The summer camp also puts girls in touch with real girl bands in preparation for a final performance at a live venue.

The first annual Girls summer camp opened in 2008 at the Julia Morgan School for Girls with over 100 involved - 65 girls and 40 volunteers. By the next year, enrollment had doubled, boasted 130 participants and even more volunteers. In 2009, the Camp also expanded to boast an after school program, the Girls Rock After School Program, which served 25 girls.

Older women also have a rock camp option through the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. The Ladies Rock Camp was put in place for women looking for a weekend of musical enrichment. Not only does the camp provide great opportunities for older musicians, but it also raises funds that support the Girls Rock After School program and Summer Camp. The Bay Area Girls Summer Rock Camp, After School Program and Ladies Rock Camp are now held at the Oakland School of the Arts. There are many options for financial aid in all of the Bay Area Girls Summer Rock Camp and the After School Program.

Looking for options outside the bay area? The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp has partnered with camps all over the United States and the world. The four-year-old coalition, Girls Rock Camp Alliance, has more than twenty members, with locations in Brazil, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

29th Oct 2014

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