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Seeing Double: The Bongos and You

Are you a bongocero, a fan of the bongos, a lover of paired percussion? We sure are. But, we get that not everyone wants to sit behind a drum set and pound away on snares, toms and cymbals. Just like not everyone wants to sit on a box and play the cajon, or walk around with a djembe strapped to their neck. We think those people are all a little nuts, but, we love all the drums, so, we’re a bit biased.

Some of our favorite drums come in small packages, and even better, they come in sets. Like bongos, for example. We simply LOVE bongos, and who can blame us or the millions of other bongoceros out there? What could be better than the idea that you are not only getting one drum to the party, but two… and, they’re completely portable? Whether up on stage or at a drum circle, and we know exactly why they’ll never go out of style in the world of drums, percussion and music.

Reasons you need some bongos:

  • We’ve already said it, but, you get TWO drums for the price of one. It’s an instant BOGO deal, a bonus for anyone looking for a great deal, or who just can’t buy one of anything.
  • Two drums open up more possibilities for sound, of course, and two drums that are created to enhance the sound of each other will make you instantly sound like you’ve been drumming for years.
  • Everyone can instantly recognize bongo drums. If you ask a djembe player how many people have called their drum the wrong name, you’ll probably see the rolling eyes of a djembefola. Bongos are universal, from Latin music to the Beatniks or even Matthew McConaughey. Everyone just knows them.
  • Bongos are fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a speed metal drummer or fresh out of preschool, they’re just fun.
  • Bongos are available in all different colors, materials and styles. They can easily accessorize your wardrobe, or, make a stunning interior design display for the delight of friends and family, alike.
  • Versatility is one of the best aspects of bongos, because they transport well and because they can blend in (or, stand out) in any kind of music.

More than all of that, bongo drums are essential for most hand drumming activities, whether you’re a Latin percussion star, or, just a regular at the local drum circle. And despite their reputation for being easygoing drums, they can produce some of the most complicated polyrhythms out there.

What should you look for in a set of bongo drums?

There are plenty of quality manufacturers and retailers of bongo drums, and most of the time, you can tell just by sampling the drums if they’re quality material. As with any drums, be sure the drum heads are in good shape, and that the shells aren’t damaged. You should be able to hear the complimentary tones between the two drums, the hallmark of bongo drums and any sets of tunable hand percussion instruments. Whether you’re shopping for bongo drums online or in a store, you should be able to hear the instruments and make a decision on the type of sound or tone that is right for you.

Hundreds of years’ worth of devotion to bongos can’t be wrong, and if it is, we don’t want to be right. No matter where you sit (or stand) on the spectrum of drums and hand percussion, the bongos should be part of your percussion repertoire, and part of your soul. There are few drums that stand the test of time, sound and versatility, but the bongos… just can’t be beat.

25th Feb 2015 Kristin Stancato

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