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RhythmTech Drums & Percussion Now at X8 Drums

RhythmTech is turning 30, and X8 Drums is ready to celebrate! RhythmTech is known for its revolutionary improvements to percussion instruments and drums. The company began its musical journey in 1980 during an overdub recording session when Richard Taninbaum, the founder and president of RhythmTech, could no longer hold his tambourine after 15 minutes of steady play. Determining that it was the tambourine’s shape that was not conducive to long-term play, he worked up a prototype of a crescent-shaped tambourine, allowing for better weight and balance, and saving the arms of musicians the world over. From this new take on the tambourine, RhythmTech was born, and has been advancing percussion instruments ever since.

We are proud to announce that RhythmTech has invited X8 Drums, the leader in hand drums and percussion, to be an authorized dealer of their innovative and dynamic line of hand percussion instruments and drums. From the tambourine to the Stick Jingl-er and beyond, X8 Drums has long been a fan of RhythmTech’s drums and percussion instruments and we are thrilled to carry RhythmTech’s amazing product line.

Happy 30th Anniversary, RhythmTech and thank you for bringing your unique ideas and sounds into the world of percussion and drumming!

29th Oct 2014

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