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REVIEW: Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Pedal

The Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Pedal features a metal bar connecting the foot board straight to the cam and to the beater holder for a direct connection between your foot hitting the pedal and the beater hitting the drum. The direct design doesn’t lag like with a chain design.

Features a round, dual way beater with a softer felt side for an open, boomy sound and a hard rubber side for more attack. Comes with a key for removing the beater if you want to switch it out. The beater itself features a convenient memory lock and fits securely to prevent twisting while playing. It’s also simple to move forward and back with a quick, easy adjustment.

The toe clamp is tight but works well and is placed on the outer edge of the pedal for better accessibility. A rubber bottom with two big spurs offers the same texture and stability as velcro without the trouble of trying to rip it off of carpet. The spring adjustment is easy and painless to move.

Again, the direct connection provides a great feel and delivers lots of power, whether pedaling fast or slow.

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Product review by Art Silva at X8 Drums.

28th Oct 2014

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