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REVIEW: Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Double Pedal P900DTW

Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Double Pedal review by Dave Sims at X8 Drums. Dave is a young, but seasoned touring drummer and a product specialist at X8. If you have further questions about the Mapex Pedal reviewed in this video or questions about any other related drum gear, drop us a line in the comments below. Dave is up for the challenge!

The Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Double Pedal features a new sleek design. They've got elongated the foot boards and put sleek chrome plating on pedal with black hardware.

The feel is very smooth. The direct drive beats the dual chain drive any day. Nice, quick response. Features dual way beaters; use the softer felt or hard plastic. Easily adjustable. Easy access to spring tensioners. Simple to put together out of the box. Durable design that can handle anything you dish at it.

Comes with a nice carrying case that collapses down quickly when setting up while still having good protection with a divider inside of it for each pedal board. Pockets on the inside to store beaters, keys and other accessories.

Product review by Dave Sims

28th Oct 2014

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