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Reasons Why You Should Drum

Finding an activity that appeals to a majority of people, regardless of age, gender, physical ability or location can be a difficult task for even the most experienced entertainment director. In order to provide a unique form of entertainment, team-building or promote wellness, many groups are turning to drumming.

Drumming has a host of benefits for the mind, body and spirit that keep the imagination alive; it entertains, challenges and can even help heal mental, emotional disorders or physical impairments. Drumming in a group or as a solo activity incorporates rhythm and music, utilizing the mood-enhancing, and memory-stimulating effects of a favorite tune. While some forms of drumming, like slowly beating a Djembe or bongos, may be better for people with limited physical ability, other forms of drumming are reported to burn at least 300 calories an hour. The physical aspect of drumming is noted for its ability to release stress and lower blood pressure while stimulating chemicals in the brain to help reduce anxiety. Drumming is also reported to boost the immune system, making it a remarkable way to fight off the common cold.

In group settings, drumming can help participants relax and feel more comfortable at work, school, within therapeutic environments, or during social gatherings. As drumming can be a form of non-verbal communication, it can provide avenues for people to connect. Drumming is also used to link to the subconscious and spiritual nature of a person or belief system, providing a deep level of self-awareness and enlightenment through the musical nature of our own rhythms.

The entertainment value of drumming is priceless. Whether listening to a favorite song with a familiar beat, participating in a Djembe drum circle, rocking out on a drum set, or composing a bongo symphony with a toddler playgroup, drumming brings along its own fun. Drumming is an excellent way to express creativity or release creative blocks that can hold back artists and business-oriented people alike.

A simple drum, like a Djembe, can benefit the physical, mental or emotional well-being of people through its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and promote communication and friendships with others. Drumming has been shown to lower blood pressure, raise endorphins and promote a fun and entertaining environment for people of all ages, experience and levels of drumming, physical and other abilities.

29th Oct 2014

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