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A Quick Look at Bongo Drums

Bongos are a staple percussion instrument for the professional and amateur rhythmist alike. These drums, with a rich history and fun playability, are not only portable but bring about a whimsical sound that delightfully enhances professional recordings, drum circles and all musical undertakings. Bongos are some of the most versatile hand drums available and are a fantastic way to introduce rhythm and drumming into a song or the curious hands of a beginner drummer, no matter the age.

A set of bongos typically consists of two drums joined together, giving the drummer a perfect canvas to create a unique sound through the complementary tones of each drum. Additionally, bongos can come in sets of three drums, or even as additions to a conga drum set. Classic bongos are made from wood with animal skin heads, but through today’s manufacturing techniques, many sets can also be found in durable fiberglass with synthetic heads, or even metal or acrylic. Wooden bongos have a rich, warm sound that echoes a natural vibe, while the fiberglass and manufactured materials can bring a crisper, more uniform sound to the music.

Manufacturers such as Latin Percussion have perfected the art of creating quality bongos for all levels of experience. From the popular LP Aspire Wood Bongos to the LP Matador Fiberglass Bongos, each set of drums is specifically designed with the needs of the bongo player in mind. Meinl offers superior bongos, as well, including the Meinl Headliner Acrylic Bongos, featuring crystal clear shells and a dynamic sound. Toca has created several signature series bongos, including the Rafael Padilla and Eric Velez lines, based upon the guidance and insight of some of the best names in percussion in the business. Other bongo manufacturers include Tycoon and Pearl, bringing some of the highest quality bongos to the world of music, drumming and hand percussion. Each manufacturer also has a variety of bongo drum accessories such as Bongo bags and Bongo stands to fulfill the logistical needs of the bongo drummer.

Whether a novice or professional musician, or somewhere in between, a set of bongo drums is the basis for creating and performing amazing songs and rhythms. In the studio, on stage or while drumming with a community, the bongos are a classic instrument that brings a well-loved tone and flavor to all types of music, and are perfect for beginning and expert drummers, alike.

29th Oct 2014

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