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Positive Skill Building Through Drum Lessons for Kids

Every parent wants to help their child learn and grow to be the very best they can be. Recent studies show that music lessons, especially percussion lessons, can help children develop the skills they need to succeed. Learning to play the drums can help a child develop communication skills, improves behavior, and can even help them succeed in all areas of academics. Getting a child musically involved through drum lessons can be a way to introduce them to a world of music and a lifelong hobby.

Drums have long been used for their expressive and emotive powers. Hand drums were used in many traditional African and Native American ceremonies to communicate with the gods. It’s no wonder that children who play the drums have more developed communication skills than children who do not. Through learning to play the drums as part of a group and learning call and response patterns of playing, children learn the patterns and skills necessary for communication. Drum lessons also help children with special needs more effectively communicate. Since drumming is also highly personal and expressive, it can help children to express their emotions in a healthy and fun way.

Drum lessons can help to foster positive behavior in several important ways. First, drumming helps children learn to work as part of a team. Children need to be able to listen to the instructor and work with other students to create music and reach a common goal. Learning the drums also helps to instill discipline and patience and pride in the mastery of a skill. When learning to play any musical instrument, children are learning and improving different physical and auditory skills. Learning to play the drums can also help a child with math. By learning about rhythm, beat and tempo, children are learning fractions, division, and pattern recognition. Children are also learning why math is so important by learning how it can be practically applied in their daily lives.

Signing a child up for drum lessons helps to foster positive growth and change in the child. Numerous studies have found correlations between children who are musically involved and academic achievement. By instilling a love of music at a young age you can help to ensure that your child has a safe, healthy way of personal expression and a hobby that can last a lifetime.

23rd Jul 2014 Kristin Stancato

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