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Pick Up a Drum, Seniors!

Drumming has a place in the lives of everyone, regardless of age or ability. As a uniting force, music and rhythm are some of the most common ways people find common ground with each other. Generations can even be defined by the popular music of the era, and while drumming and senior citizens may first seem out of sync, the world of rhythm knows no boundaries when it comes to age.

Music and rhythm have been proven to benefit those with disabilities, whether neurological or physical, and have shown tremendous results in the senior community. Drumming and rhythm calm agitation, anxiety and stress, while providing physical activity. Since music and rhythm stimulates the brain in different ways, even tapping a foot or fingers to the beat can help, while just listening to the music and rhythm can help with with issues surrounding Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, for those with the ability to use a drum, drumming is aerobic, and can benefit the heart and circulation issues experienced by our seniors.

Senior citizens are at risk for depression due to changes in the body and mind. Many times, this generation feels isolated due to lack of mobility, or may have anxiety issues related to being in public. Drumming helps to not only alleviate the loneliness felt, but also helps forge bonds between drummers and/or an audience. Music has a natural way of helping reduce nervous energy, and there are few better ways to entertain, inspire and enjoy life, regardless of age, than through music.

Regardless of age, music continues to prove to be a force in the enjoyment of life, and even in the rehabilitation of age and disability-related issues that occur throughout our lives. From our very first breath to our golden years, the benefits of music and rhythm in all aspects of life are astounding. Continuing to bring the wonder of music and rhythm to our seniors can be a truly beneficial accent to a long and well-lived life that still has many adventures ahead.

29th Oct 2014

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