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Our Favorite Cajon Drums

Drumming is a full-body experience of delight and a stunning feat of rhythmic excellence. Drummers have been known to beat upon a Djembe or drum kit, on the floor, walls, desk or any other surface that fills the need for a quick fill or dynamic solo. For the drummer that cannot get enough of drumming, and may prefer a more unconventional instrument, a Cajon drum can be the vehicle for the ultimate expression of unsurpassed drumming excellence.

Cajon drums are one of the best examples of how the love of music and rhythm will prevail. Historically, a Cajon drum was an old shipping crate or even a dresser drawer repurposed into a drum by African slaves forbidden to drum during the slave trade era. Without their native drums and instruments, the slaves forced to work in Peru and Cuba improvised, creating music out of leftover materials and household items. Today, Cajons are constructed from teak, oak, ash and other wood and provide a more uniform sound, while still giving the drummer different options in tone, pitch, reverb and overall design and appearance. Some Cajons feature snares, padded seats, various strings and snares or other enhancements to customize the overall sound, feel and playability of the drum.

Our Favorite Cajons include:

Schlagwerk la Perù Beechwood Cajon: This Cajon’s classic look and sound comes from its Beech wood construction and individually adjustable strings. Its rich bass and crash tones are the perfect addition to all styles of music, making the Schlagwerk la Perù Beechwood Cajon a great addition to any musician’s instrumental repertoire.

X8 Teak Wood String Cajon: Made with Asian oak and a faceplate of Teak, the X8 Teak Wood String Cajon combines quality manufacturing with unsurpassed style, pitch and intonation. From its beautiful finish, to its vertically-strung guitar strings inside, this Cajon will inspire and enhance music for years to come.

Meinl Trejon: Bringing together the needs of the professional drummer unafraid to experiment, the Meinl Trejon Cajon has three different playing surfaces that rival the sound of a drum kit. Made from eco-friendly rubber wood and featuring two separate, adjustable snares, the rhythmic and tonal possibilities of this drum are endless.

Gon Bops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon: Beautifully inlayed with a distinctive mosaic pattern, the Gon Bops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon brings the experience of one the best Latin percussionists together with the expertise of a company renowned for its drum and percussion excellence.

Schlagwerk 2inOne "Deluxe" Macassar Cajon: Featuring a deep finish that defines its deep, bass tone, the Schlagwerk 2inOne Macassar Cajon is constructed from sonic projection ligneum for a truly unique resonance. Specially angled spirals are affixed to this Cajon, giving the drum its unique snare sound, yet are easily removed for a classic Cajon tone.

For the amateur, student or professional drummer, a quality Cajon drum can be a force of inspiration and creativity. From Flamenco to Rock and everywhere in between, Cajon drums are fun, durable and bring a distinctive sound to all types of music and venues.

29th Oct 2014

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