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Music Encourages Personal Growth

If you’ve ever picked up a guitar and just started strumming or sat in front of a piano and began plucking keys, then you probably understand how calming those actions can be. Strumming may lead to some humming and before you know it, you are feeling more relaxed and peaceful than you have all day. Or maybe plucking those few keys dusted off some long-dormant urges and you find yourself energized and making up a song. We can never predict exactly how music will affect us, but it always affects us in some way.

There are many different types of music in the world and most of it has the ability to encourage some sort of personal growth. For instance, there is a large market for yoga, meditation and drumming music these days. The music for those activities is designed to help center and calm us. As we relax on the inside, we make room for more of our natural abilities to come through and find expression on the outside. The theory is that the calmer and more at peace we are, the more we can accomplish in life. The music is designed to act as a guide toward that calm and peace.

On the other hand, music can be an energizing tool. Many people have times when they need to put on some music and dance or sing in order to get them more revved up and moving. Music used this way motivates us and keeps us on-track during busy times. It is extremely common to see people with their headphones on while running. The music can help pace the runner or keep the person focused, even boosting the runner’s energy levels. This is also true for housework. Doing household chores to invigorating music seems to help the time pass faster.

Many creative and artistic people do their best work with music playing in the background. Music has the ability to engage our emotions and for the people whose livelihoods depend upon tapping into those emotions, music can be a most welcome muse. This attribute of music is the foundation for music therapy, where music is used to help people improve or maintain their health.

Music encourages personal growth in a myriad of ways, from fostering our creativity, to motivating and energizing us, calming and relaxing us, and even helping us get in touch with our feelings. It has the ability to affect every, single aspect of our lives, both internal and external. Whether we are creating the music or simply listening to it, music affects us in ways we can benefit from for the rest of our lives.

28th Oct 2014

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