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Matt Cameron Shows Off "New" Pearl Jam Sound

Pearl Jam will soon release a new album and has uploaded videos to their youtube channel in anticipation. According to Noisecreep, there are two videos: one of drumming and one talking about the band’s sound. The drumming video features the band’s drummer, Matt Cameron, and his Yamaha Oak Custom kit. Cameron is a fan of Zildjian cymbals and has a pair of signature Vic Firth sticks sporting a barrel tip and elongated taper. Their new single, “Mind Your Manners”, came out of guitarist Mike McCready’s love for edgier punk bands like the Dead Kennedys. The song has a hard rock sound. Read more here: Pearl Jam Reveal Isolated Drum Track + Riff Featurette for ‘Mind Your Manners’

28th Oct 2014

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