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Make Your Own Djembe Waist Strap

We often get asked the question "How do you wear the drum when you are standing up?" In this lesson, we'll show you how to make a drum strap that you can wear around your waist and attach to your djembe for playing while you stand, sit or dance. It's very comfortable and just about anyone can get the materials necessary to make the strap. Instruction by Kenya Masala.

It starts off with a strap from a duffel bag. Just about any bag will have a strap that will work for this project. They key is to look at the hardware on the strap and make sure that it is made from metal to ensure that it can tolerate the weight of the instruments and any movement you might make while playing your drum. Hardware made from plastic has a tendency to break from the pressure or movement and can damage your drum so this step is critical. It is also important that the buckle piece of the strap is also made from metal so that it can support the tension from the drum.

Once you have your strap, try it on. You'll want to adjust it so that when you put it around your waist, the two clips just about touch each other in front. Allow just 1/4" space between the two clips. Most duffel bag straps allow enough adjustability to make it work for just about anyone.

The key ingredient to this djembe waist strap is the additional of a metal swivel clip with a spring loaded quick release. You can find these at just about any hardware store. What's nice about it is that it swivels at the bottom and has a spring loaded quick release clip. When you add this clip to your strap, it makes getting in and out of your drum fast and easy.

To attach it to the strap, put the strap around your waist, then clip both ends of it to the swivel end of the metal swivel clip. The spring loaded clip end of the metal swivel clip will be your tool for attaching to your drums. By adding this third clip to the equation, you allow yourself a little more room between you and your drum which makes it more comfortable and you can clip to your drums much faster due to the quick release design of the swivel clip.

If you are playing several drums in one session, this strap makes it very easy to switch in and out of your instruments without missing notes or stopping the music.


Kenya MasalaThis video is instructed by Kenya Masala.

Sharing his love of rhythm and drumming within corporations, classrooms and communities, Kenya Masala is a recognized and respected trainer and facilitator across the country. Masala's original Rhythm Play!™ activity book and Zaboomba drumming programs introduce activities that integrate music within classroom and team development environments, and are accessible to teachers, educators and facilitators through easy-to-teach lessons that are adaptable to the ages and abilities of students and participants.

28th Oct 2014

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