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Like Conga Drums? You’ll Love These Even More!

As a staple of Latin percussion, the Conga drum is one of the more recognizable sounds and instruments in music today. The uncompromising value of a Conga rhythm brings depth and nuance to all styles of music, and playing the Congas is a treat for both the percussionist and the audience alike. Bringing together a rich history and a playful beat, the Congas remain one of our favorite types of drums, and with the different styles, sizes and tones possible, great, Latin-inspired rhythmic possibilities are endless.

LP Vivo Series Congas: Available in sleek black with a skull design or hot pink with a designer motif, these Congas are so versatile, they can even fit into the punk scene. Noted for their resonance, the slimmer shape and 2-ply construction of the LP Vivo Series Congos bring a new, vibrant tone to the stage or studio.

Meinl Fibercraft Congas, Blue Sparkle: A standard for the percussionist on the road, the Meinl Fibercraft Congas are the epitome of durable, without compromising sound or style. Fiberglass body, chrome hardware and buffalo skin heads all work together to create a traditional, yet stylized Conga sound.

Gon Bops Mariano Series Congas: Gon Bops is a name that means innovation and quality. In the Mariano Series, the classic Conga is manufactured according to its original design, yet still has a modern, eco-friendly presence and timeless sound. Made from sustainable Durian fruit tree wood , with cowhide heads, these Congas are a testament to the traditions and inspiration found in drumming.

Toca Limited Edition Congas, Burnished Maple: For intense resonance, sound and playability, the Toca Limited Edition Congas are a smart choice with a unique style. Constructed from Asian Oak, but with the look of Maple, these drums give a Conga player an amazing stage presence and incredible sound.

Congas are special drums that embody the essence of both African and Cuban cultures, symbolic of the longevity of tradition and determination of the human spirit. These drums can be a great addition to any percussion ensemble, drum circle, or solo performance. Backed by quality and ingenuity, our selection of Congas is but a tribute to the overall greatness of these drums.

29th Oct 2014

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