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X8 Drums Online Djembe Lessons: How to Hit the Djembe

Learn proper technique for hitting the djembe! In this digital djembe lesson, Michael Pluznick will teach you how to play the 3 basic sounds of the djembe; open tone, slap and bass.


  • Start with Triangle - The triangle hand position will set your posture and prepare you for hitting the drum
  • Learn to play tone, bass and slap in the proper position on the drum head.
  • Understand how to make contact with the drum.
  • Learn to play an Open Tone
  • Bounce (Rebound) and follow through for tone and bass
  • Making the Slap (or Pop) sound. This portion includes information on the difference between a Mail Slap and a Guinea Slap.
  • Using the Whip Technique for establishing slaps
  • Cupped Slap has a drier sound
  • Making the Bass Note

Exercises for improving the your tone, slap and bass technique

This video was made using the MP Eco Pro djembe.


Pluznick djembe

by Michael Pluznick

29th Oct 2014

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