X8 Drums Online Djembe Lessons: How to Hit the Djembe

29th Oct 2014

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Learn proper technique for hitting the djembe! In this digital djembe lesson, Michael Pluznick will teach you how to play the 3 basic sounds of the djembe; open tone, slap and bass.

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  • Start with Triangle - The triangle hand position will set your posture and prepare you for hitting the drum
  • Learn to play tone, bass and slap in the proper position on the drum head.
  • Understand how to make contact with the drum.
  • Learn to play an Open Tone
  • Bounce (Rebound) and follow through for tone and bass
  • Making the Slap (or Pop) sound. This portion includes information on the difference between a Mail Slap and a Guinea Slap.
  • Using the Whip Technique for establishing slaps
  • Cupped Slap has a drier sound
  • Making the Bass Note

Exercises for improving the your tone, slap and bass technique

To Download The Full Lesson, Click Here:

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