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Learning about Drums and Drumming Online

Taking up drumming as a hobby can help a person learn patience, dedication, and promote health and wellness. It can also present opportunities to join a community of people with the love of rhythm, music and the sharing of a unique and creative passion. Some drummers are able to pick up a djembe or other percussion instrument and start playing rhythms with little or no training; others may need a little help. If time, money or location is an obstacle to learning how to drum, online instruction can inspire and help teach a new drummer amazing rhythms, theory and music concepts.

The success of online music programs has been noted in higher education circles, like Berklee School of Music, a school that has recently offered an online course in drumming. When a person is faced with work, home and other life obligations, it can be hard to find enriching hobbies, like drumming, that fit into a busy schedule. Because of these time commitments, more people are turning to the Internet in order to fulfill social and educational goals, both of which are provided by the action and love of drumming.

Online resources, beyond college-level courses, can be as simple as a tutorial or set of instructions that help a curious newbie drummer gain information into the types of drums to purchase, the basics of playing those drums and other information like the care and maintenance of a djembe or other percussion instrument. While it may be difficult to translate a rhythm from text, for many drummers, the ability to “read” a rhythm can help establish the basic beat pattern associated with simple rhythms. These tutorials can help a drummer decide what type of drum is best for their own needs, a hand drum like a djembe or bongos, or a drum kit that allows for multiple drums, cymbals and a different style of music altogether.

Videos and sound files of rhythms and drumming instruction are also available on websites, forums or blogs. These multimedia experiences can help train a musician or drummer to hear the distinctions between a slap, pop or base tone on a djembe, as well as teach more complicated rhythms through imitation. In order to make the experience more realistic, many drummers can upload videos of their own drumming in order to invite critique and tips for improvement. As a further evolution of online drumming instruction, classes are possible through this same “back-and-forth” video posting, as well as live, seminar-type classes, that can establish a unique, “drum circle” type of feel, from the comfort of home.

Drumming is a personal experience that can require hours of practice, training and dedication to the art. Regardless of a drummer's background, the novice or well-established drummer can turn to resources available online in order to learn and grow as a percussionist, whether for hobby, friendship or professionally. With all of the online drumming resources available, a curious drummer can find ways to spend time online wisely, learning and honing a special art.

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29th Oct 2014

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