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Learn to Play the 6/8 Djembe Passport Parts for Guinea and Mali Rhythms

In this lesson Michael Pluznick will teach you how to play basic djembe parts known as passport parts (basic djembe parts common to several different rhythms) in 6/8 time from Guinea and Mali. You'll also learn the two most popular "breaks" used to start and end the rhythms. Once you have the parts down, play along with the ensemble section and see rare footage of Michael's teacher in Mali play the parts. Once you learn all the parts that are on in this lesson you will be well on your way to being able to play in most of the rhythm arrangements that are in 6/8.


Basic Passport Part #1 for 6/8

Guinea basic accompaniment part #1 in context

Standard call-in, call-out (aka "break") used to start, change parts or to end a rhythm

Mali Style Part #1 for 6/8

Demonstration combining the Guinea and Mali parts

Guinea Passport Part #2 for 6/8

Djembe and West African Basic up beat and down beat, alternating hand over hand accompaniment part

Mali Style Part #2 for 6/8

Djaa and Sohko rhythms and call-in

Slow motion segments to make learning easy

Play along with the ensemble section

Rare footage of Michael's teacher Aruna Sidibe in Mali

Run time: 15:53


by Michael Pluznick

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29th Oct 2014

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