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Lannaya Drum & Dance Ensemble Brings West African Arts to Austin

You don’t have to travel to West Africa to immerse yourself into its unique arts and rich culture. Thanks to organizations like Lannaya, you can experience the rhythms and dances of West Africa right here in the U.S. - more particularly, right here in Austin.

Founded by African Master Drummer Alseny Sylla and New York-based choreographer Suzannah Kincannon, Lannaya is a non-profit arts organization that preserves African Diaspora Arts and educates the local community on West African arts and culture through multicultural performances, workshops, and social interactions.

Performance company members, including both musicians and dancers, work with guest artistic collaborators to create pieces that will entertain audiences while best displaying West African arts and their cultural significance. Company members have performed in Austin and throughout Texas. They’ve even performed at the local Austin City Limits music festival.

In addition to stage performances, Lannaya provides team-building activities and entertainment for conferences, hosts parties and other events, and provides workshops of the general public. Lannaya also offers performances (both entertaining and educational) and workshops for schools, including Kindergarten through 12th grade students and university students. For upcoming performances or programming information, visit

28th Oct 2014

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